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eclipsed souls - Poems by BECKER

I find this new series MIND-BLOWING, by which I don't mean that it has to be particularly amazing, but rather ECLIPSED SOULS has cost me so much energy like no other before; my brain was even more active, almost borderline overwhelmed, than usual. I had to take breaks because I got too lost; too much flying to think and act clearly and make precise decisions. Breaks I've never had to take before. A BECKER is supposed to be very energetic, you can feel what I put into it, some say. With this artworks I feel like everything is exploding; slain is no longer an expression at all, challenged is even more so. To date I can say that it is the most intense collection I have ever done, but also the fullest, on all features. What was most important to me from the beginning, however, was that this series did not invite people to discover things for themselves, but rather that what I had to say was clearly understood. What I have experienced, what I have written, what flows through my heart and mind and what manifests through my fingers onto your walls. I wanted to show that my art cannot be defined by the mass of hand-made drawings or supporting AI-generated inspiration. This is a line of thinking that I generally disapprove of as it is ignorant and one-dimensional. For me, AI is here, AI is an opponent, a second opinion without a soul. An insight from an unknown side into what I have created. Like a friend who gives feedback, but that friend isn’t „real“. Every AI piece is always based on my own words, thoughts and doing. It is a tool, not the result. An aid, such as a brush, a ruler, a camera, a printer, a potato stamp. It is a means of implementing my ideas and not a creator of my work. Each of my art pieces differs in the intensity and variety of tool use and becomes a unique work of art precisely by mixing a wide variety of handcrafted instruments. With this series I wanted to prove that you don't need my manual touch to be a real BECKER to check all the boxes. In this series everything is generated, except every single word behind the picture, which is what I was really about. The poem says what I have to say, but communicates in and through a tonality that is absolutely now. The hundreds of AI-generated individual images are interpretations of each and every line from the poems and are all based on what I have written, so at the end everything was “drawn” by myself, right? Nevertheless, for the satisfaction of the masses, so that no one can say anything to the contrary, the poem is of course handwritten, just like the botched drawing line on the colleague's masterpiece.

“Just because I love you and you deserve it!” is what every true love should hear every day. At least I try as best I can to let my true love feel that every day. Nevertheless, a thought haunts me, a feeling ghosts around. Feels like another true love haunts me. This realization alone made me think about another question: “How many true loves can you even have, and which one's the true one, the realest deal?” What defines “true love”? Isn't love more of a moment that expands, that morphs until it doesn't work anymore? It stays that way, or it bursts and everything goes on. I feel like love, like everything, is an evolution. Without loss you might never love, right? What if one true love prepares you for the second true love and perhaps others? When love is not this one special vial that you give to someone, but rather a gigantic pool from which we draw, drink, pass on, share and refill? What if there is no “true love” but love is always true as long as it is true. What if the search for it should not be part of it at all and we are always and constantly looking for just one love, but don't see that so many others are waiting for us if we don't look according to certain standards; love according to certain standards … What if true love goes beyond two people? If true love is a crossroad, a connection that has more than two branches? If everything is intertwined, why can't true love be more than one? I know that I have found my true love, but perhaps I have also lost another. So far I have had three true loves. All were different and all were unique. Each one was, is and remains the only true love; the only true love of the moment as we stood by the pool. I wanted to create a romantic, but light picture. Wanted to capture that feeling, that mix of deep, painful, amazing, healing longing. With wishes, dreams, memories, reality and future fiction. I wanted to express my expanded connection. I wanted to pass on the true feelings that I live, branch them out, let them grow, beyond the clipping. But then I start wondering, another ghost buzzes through my world and asks me: „What if you could have all your true loves at once?“ Crazy to think about, right? But hey, love's a wild ride, and who knows where it might take you next.

"I ECLAIR MYSELF ABSOLUT PROPERTY" is basically an anthem to yours truly. It's all about embracing who I am, owning it, and leveling up – no holds barred. Think of it as me shamelessly, boldly marking my unique claim in this wild world, where everyone who enjoys my outpourings as much as I enjoy an eclair is welcome to join the party. This little piece is a powerful statement about everything I am, can and will be. Like my personal power pose – it screams, "This is me, take it or leave it!" And trust me, it's not just delicious, it's a whole mood – sticky, thick, addictive, and totally tantalizing. It's like my brain, my creativity, my essence – all wrapped up in one delectable package. It's a snapshot, like everyone else's. A self-portrait flipped. Salacious, sexy, honest and beautiful to look at. So yeah, this artwork of course isn't just about me – it's about possibilities, about seeing things from a different perspective, and about diving deep into the soul behind those bright blue windows.

„I had to whip up something as bold and unique as you – a jaw- dropping first impression that's 100% unforgettable. It hits hard, makes a lasting mark, and pulls you in with its in-your-face vibes and vibrant colors. Dear Nadia, turning your breasts into a masterpiece was a must! I know you're into the bold stuff! I see you as a fierce warrior, battling against injustice and oppression. I aimed for something sensually explicit, subtly and not-so-subtly sexual. I let my instincts run wild, channeling desire, attraction, and pure sex appeal. It's a mix of strength, humanity, and beauty, blended with intelligence, wit, and a heart that's as massive as it gets. I had to honor your femininity and the powerful force you wield over your own body and existence. I usually don't take orders, but my inspiration took the reins, and well, you've left your kiss on me. And by the way, "Pussy Galore" ain't just a Bond character - it's a vibe. It's a playful, suggestive name that dances on the edge. Just like us, breaking all the rules with style and a smirk.“

Welcome to the wild world of „L;P LORE“ – where lips aren't just for smooching, they're the ultimate influencers of our inner and outer worlds, the ultimate power-ups in the game of life! Lips, those juicy little gatekeepers of our chatter, holding the keys to our verbal kingdom. Lips, those captivating features that possess the ability to communicate volumes without uttering a single word. They serve as both messengers and guardians of our thoughts, desires, and secrets. With each movement, they reveal a glimpse of our innermost selves, while also acting as the threshold through which our words and intentions pass. They're like the warp pipes of our consciousness, transporting us to realms unknown with every word stated and every thought swallowed. They're like the bouncers of our personal party, deciding what gets in and what gets kicked to the curb. But it's not all smooch sailing – we're talking about a wild ride through the labyrinth of our consciousness. So, kick back and dive deep into the rabbit hole of „L;P LORE“. Ever thought about Kirby, that radical bubble from the vintage Gameboy era, who slurps up anything and everything? Yeah, he's our spirit animal here. Just like Kirby, we're absorbing vibes left and right, transforming with every inhale and exhale. Fireball in, fireball out. But let's get real for a sec: What's with all the junk we're gobbling up in this digital age? From toxic fake news to sketchy politics and everything in between, it's like we're chomping on a never-ending buffet of nonsense, in a glitchy level without a cheat code in sight. It's time to hit the pause button and rethink our game plan. In this series, we delve into the metaphorical significance of lips as gatekeepers, drawing parallels to the iconic video game character Kirby, who absorbs and assimilates elements of his environment. Just as Kirby transforms through intentional consumption, so too do we, as individuals, shape our realities by the words and ideas we ingest and exit. Through a series of smaller-format artworks, each measuring 40 by 40, we explore the dichotomy between clarity and chaos. Employing graphic simplicity, I invite viewers to contemplate the conscious act of "swallowing" in a world inundated with conflicting messages and ideologies. So, grab your controllers and get ready to level up. It's a visual journey as we examine the profound impact of lip service and lip confessions in shaping our perceptions and understanding of the world around us. A trip through the cosmos where every confession is a power-up and every lip service a chance to reset the game. Press start and see where this adventure takes us!

It is said, "Thou shalt not lie", but it is nothing new that we all lie from time to time. Sometimes harder, sometimes easier. Sometimes because there is no other option, sometimes because it doesn't seem important to tell the truth. Sometimes because it's easier, sometimes because it gives you security, keeps things away, isolates you and doesn't let it become an issue. Lying is not good, but where do you draw the line? Lying can be fun, can be exciting, can make new things happen and set you free. Lies can hurt, harm, destroy and end. Lies can't matter, can change the world, create dreams and trauma. Why is it so hard to consistently not lie? Does this have something to do with intellect, psyche, character or perspective? But it's not just friends, partners, colleagues or family members who lie or are lied to. It's all. Everyone, everywhere and at any time it’s lying. Politics, society, the media, your consciousness, your neighbor, even what you call your life is one big lie. “Can you live with this lie?” I ask myself. Can I accept it, push it away, ignore it? Can I play along, immerse myself and connect with the story? Can I even really judge it? Is it even a lie or is the evidence the lie itself? No light, no shadow. Without sun and moon, no day, no night. Without a woman there is no man, without an egg there is no chicken, without lie there is no truth? We always seem to know exactly what a lie is because we think we know what the truth is. But what if the truth is a lie; when the “truth” is also a „lie“. When lying may contain more truth than telling the truth. Is the decision to speak false words the decision itself and therefore part of the overall situation, the whole person? Personally, I feel lied to on many different levels. Sometimes harder, sometimes easier. However, if I don't pay attention to the apparent "lie" then it simply won't happen. Is this repression, or cooperation, or “creating my own reality”? If I can close my eyes, my heart and my mind to what I perceive, then it doesn't matter what the truth is. If I ignore the fact that lying determines my everyday life, influences my life and causes my anger to boil over, then none of this has any influence on anything. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way and the influence remains. Unfortunately, it's getting bigger, more overwhelming and more absorbing. Not necessarily just for me, but also/especially outside of my artistic bubble. When I see words, read statements and absorb content whose message becomes normal, then I find it more than dangerous. One danger I sense is lies that we, at least gay men, see, consume, like, share and, above all, buy as our truth every day, sometimes multiple times. Statements that kids make every day, sometimes multiple times. Lies that form opinions and shape lives. Creating shadows, distancing and make lonely.

Clouds tell everything. Whenever I look at the sky, I see so many stories passing by, but I never manage to catch them. Before I went home for my latest vacation, I had made up my mind to answer one question by absorbing inspiration to the uttermost, photograph it, take it back with me and dissect it. Three weeks of just looking at the screen above, recording what I perceive in hopes of finding my resolution. CLOUDED MIND, the result of my searching, was created out of 150 cloud photographs, as well as multiple snaps I took during my trip, processed in their natural inter-dimensional form. All drawings, images, everything in these pieces are based on these chapters of heaven and hell. The one story that I had to experience in particular was that of my home, where I could never really be but always kind of was. For me, Los Angeles was always the place where I felt complete, rooted, arrived, balanced and recharged. Happy, winged and inspired. Held by my sun, the light and warmth, kissed and understood, even if I never lived there. Even though I have existed in Germany for almost 40 years, it is not my home. California is more than Ibiza, Mallorca, short trips within the EU box. It is the grain of sand on my heart that longs to connect with its like-minded mates by the ocean. Years ago, by the sea, my voice told me that this is where I belong, this is my spot, but why am I still not there after over a decade of working on it? Why am I drawn to the City of Angels when my wings are always waiting in Berlin? In the vast theater of the sky, where the heavens unfold like a grand canvas, secrets are woven into the fabric of clouds, much like the stories held within our iPhones. Each puff, a silent messenger, shares tales of unseen worlds. What mysteries does the sky's bowl whispers to me? After a five-year break, I went back to L.A. and knew beforehand that it would be a farewell. Not only the clouds, the photographs and drawings that accompanied my journey of thought contribute fundamentally to this series, the inner monologue and the knowledge of decay and end also characterize these works. It is the reflection on home, no home and people. On artificial ghost towns, escaping inwards, fearing the outer-bubble. CLOUDED MIND is the current state of my life in correspondence with the messages from whoever is sitting in front of the monitor.

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