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Welcome to my artworks.


Feel free to browse through the different series, feelings and impressions.

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The belief that creativity requires multiple personalities sparked a profound journey of self-discovery in me. While working on this series, I've both questioned and cherished the various aspects that shape my identity. It's easy to feel intimidated by our own multifaceted nature and try to stifle it. But what if we embraced this diversity within us? What if we recognized that our different selves can blend, teach, and empower one another?
 I reject the confines of labeling and categorization, opting instead to find beauty in the midst of chaos. Thus, I set out on a bold artistic journey, connecting with what I see as my different personas to grasp the entirety of who I am and create a vibrant canvas of self-awareness.

In my larger-scale artworks, I typically explore myriads thoughts on a single theme, crafting wild and intricate pieces. However, in this series, I focused on distilling a solitary thought for each theme. Embracing a smaller, square format imposed a strict constraint that pushed me to exercise discipline. Each piece in the series is comparable to a concise chapter within a broader story. While self-contained and coherent, they offer a glimpse, rather than the full complexity, of the overarching narrative.

In this series, I explore the tumultuous terrain of human emotion and sexuality—a realm where lust, love, hormones, and heat converge, yielding a singular, intoxicating experience. My goal was to capture the profound essence of those moments when time stands still, immersing us in euphoric suspension, where all senses merge, and we willingly let go of control. Unrestrained, expressive strokes, mingling with delicate patterns, create a dynamic visual tension that symbolizes the intricate interplay between our primal instincts and cultural traditions. These images embody my artistic take on sensuality, challenging norms and inviting viewers to delve into their own desires and emotions.

"Unknown Overlay" explores the dynamic interplay between creation and erasure, capturing the essence of a creative process that unfolds on a singular canvas of cardboard. Each of my strokes, colors, and sketches contribute to the evolving narrative etched into the cardboard's surface, forming an intricate tapestry of past months' creation and singular images. The cardboard becomes not just a substrate but the original, a storyteller of its own, a repository of randomly configured imprints that give birth to a captivating collection. ​"Unknown Overlays" delves into the world of neon, submerging the creations in its vibrant glow, transforming them into vivid statements. The series is a testament to my ability to embrace chance and spontaneity while producing a visually striking and thought-provoking body of work. I invite viewers to contemplate the beauty that emerges from the seemingly chaotic interplay of creativity and erasure, while basking in the neon brilliance that defines this compelling collection.

As I grow older, I find myself losing the sense of freedom and self-determination more and more. I often wonder whether we, as humans, can truly think and act autonomously, or if our lives are controlled and our actions and reactions predetermined. Are we mere puppets on the strings of a puppeteer? Or are we naive victims of the manipulative news in our digital age? Where exactly does the truth lie, amidst our nagging doubts, our hopes for spiritual enlightenment, our religious beliefs, and the distractions of a hedonistic lifestyle? The chaos of uncertainty is reflected in my works. They serve as prisms through which I gaze upon the essence of my uncertain existence and reflect on how I approach a destination that remains unknown to me.

For me, May is usually the real beginning of the year. When temperatures rise and nature renews, I find myself contemplating the world and my own existence. Reconnecting with nature feels like reconnecting with myself. Who will I be this year? What are my limitations, weaknesses, fears, and hopes? And even though trying to find answers to impossible questions only leads to more questions, I find beauty in this process. It is like entering a meditative state of mind where I detach myself from the physical form and explore the realm of impossible possibilities.

The "Rotten Candy" series reflects the process through which I became aware that my unconscious cravings are, indeed, real addictions. These cravings resemble the yearning for closeness, recognition, and love. And when I can't have all of that, an irrepressible craving for sweets takes over. It is almost as if I want those sweet and sticky sensations to play tricks on my brain, deceiving me with a false sense of happiness and rewarding me for things that don't really require rewarding. Despite all reason, I find myself saying again and again, "Until next time, little tidbit, see you around."

Will there still be art on a dead planet? Can we prevent the end of the world? Or have we already embarked on our final journey? And if so, will it lead to a destination? Will there be nothing, or do we have a chance to rectify past mistakes and allow something new to emerge? These were the questions I grappled with during the creation of the "Regeneration" series. Despite all the doom and gloom, I found hope within myself and developed a deep belief that this will not be the end, but rather the fertile ground for the next phase of regeneration.

2023 marks a turning point in the way I express myself artistically. Although I never found the restrictions during the pandemic really disturbing, the Post-Covid Era started with a real explosion of creativity for me. It was almost as if I had to rid myself of all previous constraints. The series "23" is to be understood in this context. Each picture is like an affirmation that is meant to give courage, reminding us of the power we carry within us, helping us see light where there is shadow, and believing in ourselves while radiating love. Loud and colorful, it serves as a reminder to shout from the heart: "Now is my time. And it's showtime."

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