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Kay Becker's art reflects our individual positions within the broader context of life. In a multiverse of diverse opinions and thoughts, Becker deconstructs cultural stereotypes while embracing life's boundless possibilities through vibrant colors, finding romance even in the mundane.

He invites viewers to zoom in and out, exploring their own perception within today's world, getting lost in the intricate details, and ultimately realizing that the whole surpasses the sum of its parts.

Independence and self-determination have been driving forces for Kay Becker since his childhood. Having been on his own since the age of 15, he learned to take individual responsibility at an early age.

After receiving his high school diploma with a major in arts, he initially intended to apply for art school but decided against it, as he didn't want to immediately swap one school's bench for another. Instead, he took on jobs as a cashier in a supermarket and worked as a set runner and permanent extra for film productions.

Growing tired of working for or within other people's enterprises, he soon established his own advertising commercial production company. While serving the advertising industry became a means of livelihood for years, his true passion lay in his side projects, which allowed him to work with much greater artistic freedom. One of these projects involved two individuals who traveled across Japan for weeks without speaking.The experience of contemplating silence in a country where almost everyone except the locals is lost in translation once again fueled his desire to express his personal feelings and thoughts as freely and artistically as possible.


The enforced isolation during the pandemic further intensified this longing. Today, Kay Becker has dedicated himself to the creation of digital art as his chosen form of relentless self-expression.

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