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If someone would grant you 15 seconds of fame, 
how would you use it?


Check out the


mission below and jump in, showing your 15 seconds of freedom HERE!

Guess what? My art's hitting the big leagues! Got picked as one amongst other artists for a New York Times Square group showcase. But here's the twist: I only got 15 seconds on the big screen. Cue Andy Warhol's infamous "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes" line, which got me thinking. The longer I thought about it, the more this quote bothered me; affected my selection process which I wanted to share with you. First off, turns out it's not even a real Warhol quote. It’s a fake quote that got famous, just a sales pitch from '68. So, in some ways this phrase is the godfather of probably the worst morals and life maxims of today: “Fake it till you make it”. Today, 15 seconds is all you get to make an impact. Blame social media for that. 15 minutes. What probably felt like a short amount of time back then would mean the world today. Imagine what you could do with 15 minutes of undivided attention these days? The most famous daily news broadcast in Germany called “Tagesschau” has 15 minutes to talk about everything that happened around the world. But thanks to Social Media those 15 minutes got boiled down to just 15 seconds. The length of a tiktok and the moment is gone. And God forbid you bore people within that short time. You get skipped, or canceled immediately. But why chase fame anyway? Seems like everyone's after it nowadays, even if it means sacrificing quality. Fame used to be the result of doing something or being someone exceptional. Amidst the chaos of fake news, hate, fear, wars, starvation… I feel like, while we were all busy hunting fame, something crucial's slipping away: Freedom. Like fame it is a word, that somehow lost its quality and meaning because we throw it around like hard candy during Pride. Especially during an US election year it becomes a buzz-word that gets mostly used by people who want to control you the most. But who can say that they are truly free? Many people have less freedom than just a few years ago. Most people never truly had it. That's why I'm sticking with my piece "I AM FREEDOM" for the showcase, which incorporates this proclamation in 40 different languages, including sign-language. Nice. Decision made. Hit upload. Done. But will it change anything? Will it get people thinking or even talking like art should do? Or will it more likely just pass by unnoticed like everything else these days? Nevertheless, my artworks are meant to draw people in, to connect all the little things that create the bigger picture. You can’t do that in 15 seconds. Especially not while staring up in a loud and crowded place. So somehow, I am happy for having been considered. And in other ways I am dissatisfied. That’s why I thought why not extend the question that bugged me for a while to everyone? Here's my question to you: „How would you use your 15 seconds of fame“? Would you use it to promote yourself? To make others laugh? Or to try and change something? And how would that look like? A photo, a drawing, video, spoken massage, an object? It’s your 15 seconds of fame. Or better your 15 seconds of freedom. So everything works in our big 15 seconds show. If you are interested in taking part, create your video, use the hashtag #15SecondsFreedom and I will collect the videos for a little or maybe even bigger exhibition. K.

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